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Marketing Bee offers flexible monthly website and online marketing plans from just £20

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Affordable Web Design and Inbound Marketing Plans by Marketing Bee all include:

Responsive Websites

Marketing Bee will create a fresh business website design for your company. This will give your customers the good impression that your business deserves. We create websites that can be found in search engines and seen on mobile devices.

Proof Reading

Not only will you love your business website design, but to help your future clients find you website, basic proof reading comes as standard with all business website design and marketing plans.

Blogs & Social Media

Marketing Bee will enhance your online presence by adding relevant posts to social media and your business website blog.

Beautiful Landing Page

We will create beautiful landing pages to help your customers have a more focused and memorable experience of visiting your company website.

More than just Business Website Design

The next generation in web presence for small businesses and startups

How many hours per month do our clients save by using our service?

Affordable Responsive Websites

Your customers may be accessing your website from any device. With this in mind all Marketing Bee’s websites come designed and prepared for this. But what makes the websites we design and manage different from the crowd? Well our websites are responsive for your customers needs, as well as responsive for your marketing needs. Your website come fully loaded to help you reach out to your website visitors to maximise your conversion potential. If you are looking for more than just Website designers, but professional, quick Website Designers to design your contemporary business site, and you are looking for a business website that will give you a return on investment. Then you have come to the right place.


Newsletters & Emails

The affordable business websites that we create for small businesses and start ups are packed with ways for you to get to know your website visitors more and for you to share promos, advice and updates via emails and newsletters. Newsletter creation can be included in you package. Email account set up is included in all packages, making this an ideal option of website design for start ups and small businesses alike.

Beautiful Landing Pages

Having beautiful landing pages are important to running successful online campaigns. The purpose of your landing page could include to send out free advice, take bookings or encourage visitors to call about a specific product or service. Having a beautiful landing page is just the start of creating a successful landing page, but you can leave the creation of the landing page to us. This is an essential part in providing a comprehensive, affordable web design for small business and start up companies. That’s why we offer a beautiful landing page service.


Blogs and Social Media

Updating blogs and social media pages can be time consuming, so we do that work for you at regular intervals. Our small business blog services and contributions towards your social media managed campaigns forms part of small business marketing package by Marketing Bee. This aspect of marketing for a small business complements other marketing features we offer such as the creation of great landing pages.

Website optimisation

Marketing Bee make sure your website is written in a relevant way for search engines and visitors. We also make sure your website can be found in a relevant way off-page. Our basic SEO comes as standard. This is one of the many reasons why our small business website development is affordable, but not ridiculously cheap website design.

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