An overview of Online Marketing for a Small Business

An Insight into Online Marketing for a Small Business

Where next with your online marketing?

Where do you want to take your business? Who would you like to attract?

These are just a few of the areas you need to consider in your online marketing strategy whether your a start-up, small business or growing company.

Online Marketing planning is essential to mapping out part of your company’s direction.

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Making an Impact

The design and location on your website of different elements is one of the first considerations in successful business website development. It may take weeks to finalise the details of these elements but seconds for a new user to form an impression that will influence whether they want to explore your website further.

A design that is aesthetically pleasing will have a direct influence on if and how visitors explore your website. Studies show strong pictures or illustration draw visitor’s attention, as well as sharp contrast, something unfamiliar and wording that is easily remembered.

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Tell Users What is Important

Good Business Website Development needs to handle element order of importance. Successful Business Website Development does this in order to capture the attention of the busy user and help them to engage with your website.

The most important element to show off is strong visuals or a message using clear text. To enhance these elements, altering their features to make them stand out will is important in successful business website development.

Next comes detail that will help users to better understand those visuals or text. There are many ways to do this. One way is to create more subtle element that gives a bit more detail than the first.

Thirdly is the call to action. This could be a call button, email us or visit us feature. Whatever the pre-decided end goal is for your website visitors this should be made obvious. The element could have a highlighting colour, button or fun feature.

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Mobiles, Tablets and small business website design

Over 60% of internet users accessing the internet using a mobile device. Statistics show a steady increase in mobile device users have been using their devices to buy online for over 5 years. A responsive website is a must now. Small business website development needs to take this into account.

Summing Up

So some important elements of business website development are having strong images, text, messages and all on a responsive website.

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