Website Design for Start Ups

Taking account of inbound marketing in website design for Start ups

Website design for Start Ups is about more than just a pretty face.

What do consider would be the ultimate website design for start ups?

Would it have a nice logo, interesting text, sharp imagery?

Or would it go beyond looking good to working hard to make visitors contact you?

1. Know what you would like your clients do before they leave your website and have a well placed call to action.

2. Reach out on social media: Although we can post at least every month, engaging with people who communicate with you will open up another potential conversion channel. Our website design for start ups incorporates easy ways your website visitors can share information about your product and services.

Website Design For Start ups thoughts
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  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

3. Newsletters: Keep customers updated on changes and promotions in your company. With our website plans, we can relay this information to your customers in a monthly newsletter.

4. Subscriptions: Sharing useful resources and excellent promotions with your website’s visitors will help them to know that you value your visitors. Let us know when promos change or if you want to offer different resources and we will have them adapted into your website.

5. Photos: Let potential visitors gain an insight into your latest offerings with up to date photos. Our business plans are offer not just website design for start ups but maintenance too. All you need to do is send us your new images and we will update your pictures for you.

6. Sharing: If you opt in for social media sharing on your website, visitors will find it easier to let others know about your company.

How many hours weekly does a well created website design for start ups save?

7. Analytics: Using the visitor behaviour and website hot spot information, decide how you would like improvements to be made.

8. Local Presence, Global Presence: Focusing on either your local presence or global niche will yield better results, try to keep us informed of changes to your products and services that you would like publicised.

9. Strong Relations: Use every touch point of contact to maximise your communication with your visitors. Whether you are giving them a demo or inviting them to come to your store on promo days, the opportunities are endless. Contact us about live chat options.

10. Have patience, but always expect good results.

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